What’s on at BIFF – Friday, November 16

The Timothy Leary Experience.Ever wondered what happens to those prostitutes in Amsterdam’s notorious red light district as they grow older? Meet the Fokkens is the documentary for you. Sixty-nine-year-old identical twins Martine and Louise Fokkens had a hand in unionising the Dutch “dames van de nacht” and established their own brothel. One has arthritis and no longer works; the other still plies her trade in the windows. Now that’s putting sex into sexagenarian. 5:30pm, Tribal Theatre 2.

Country music fans will love American Songwriter, a profile of veteran Nashville singer/songwriter Danny Durst. This road to redemption story is directed by Michael Altman, son of the late great Robert Altman. 7pm, Palace Petrie Barracks 5.

Do you have a feisty grandmother? Take her along to cheer on the legendary Jeanne Moreau in A Lady in Paris. The French actor steals the show as an Estonian matriarch giving her carer hell in this comedy. Tonight’s Bubbles at BIFF screening is the Australian premiere. 7pm, Palace Petrie Barracks 1.

Compliance prompted walk-outs when it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. A claustrophobic thriller about how far people will follow an authoritative voice – even when it insists they commit crimes – it’s even scarier when you realise it’s based on a real-life strip search phone prank. 9:45pm, Palace Centro 1.

Tune in and drop out with The Timothy Leary Experience. The late-night program of three films by the king of 1960s US drug culture promise to be so trippy, you won’t even need any illegal substances to have your mind broken. 11pm, Tribal Theatre 2.

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