Uni exam results wiped after error

UNIVERSITY of Newcastle education students have had their results for an end-of-year exam cancelled after some students were informed of which questions would be asked before they took the test.

Second-year education students sat the schooling, identity and society exam last week.

Before the exam, the 850 students enrolled in the course at the Callaghan, Central Coast and Port Macquarie campuses were provided with eight possible questions.

They were told they would need to provide responses for four of the questions under exam conditions.

A university spokeswoman said a staff member had told some students which four of the eight questions would be in the exam.

A special committee of review formed to investigate the incident concluded the exam’s integrity had been compromised.

“No EDUC2103 end-of-semester exams will be marked due to their unreliability as an assessment tool; since a significant but unknown number of students were privy to the examination questions prior to the examination taking place and other students did not have knowledge of the examination questions,” dean of education Jenny Gore wrote in a message to affected students this week.

Marks from two earlier assignments would now be used to determine the students’ final grade.

Students also have the option of sitting a supplementary exam to improve their final mark.

The university spokeswoman said it was the first time such an incident had occurred in the School of Education.

“The university takes academic integrity very seriously and moved quickly to deal with the allegations,” she said.

“We are currently reviewing our processes.”

GONE: University of Newcastle students have had their results deleted.

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