REVIEW: A Day On The Green


Bimbadgen Estate

November 10

DURING my teens I was a dead-set top 40 tragic. The Angels, Hoodoo Gurus and Boom Crash Opera sang anthems of my youth, and James Reyne was an absolute spunk.

Not surprisingly, I leapt at the chance to attend last weekend’s Oz rock marathon at Bimbadgen Estate’s A Day On The Green concert.

Soon after claiming my tickets, reality set in. The tunes and I were all a quarter of a century past their heyday. Bimbadgen was a long way away. There were going to be lots and lots of people, many well lubricated with alcohol. Car parking was a potential nightmare and there were bound to be banks of portaloos involved.

The headline act was the Hoodoo Gurus. I’d last seen the Gurus at the 2003 NRL Grand Final when they were riding the wave of their That’s My Team remake of the 1986 hit What’s My Scene and I was a bit underwhelmed, truth be told. So the drawcard for me was The Angels.

However, I was more than a bit put out to learn that Doc Neeson wasn’t fronting. I knew Dave Gleeson could belt out a song but it didn’t hold the same allure.

Boy, was I wrong.

Gleeson channelled Doc’s growl while articulating lyrics so clearly I heard stories I’d never heard sung before.

And when Gleeson sheepishly admitted on-stage during Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again that he couldn’t help feeling affronted by the bogan chorus of 9000-odd people shouting ‘‘No way, get f—ed, f— off,’’ I felt for him. I’d often wondered.

Likewise, my heart soared when he told the audience he’d ‘‘never been prouder to be a boy from Newy’’ fronting his teen legends, The Angels, in front of a home-town audience. From the audience, I felt a similar sense of being star-struck.

I also got an unexpected amount of pleasure from Boom Crash Opera. I thought I’d know one or two of their radio songs. Like Great Wall. But the whole set played like a hit parade. I never knew (forgot with age?) that BCO were also behind Dancing in the Storm, Onion Skin and The Best Thing.

I also didn’t expect car park guides who directed traffic with military precision or the excellent sound quality, the reasonably priced and varied food options and the heavy, well-organised security presence.

All in all, an excellent experience, and I can’t wait to go to another.

SCENE: Hoodoo Gurus perform at A Day On The Green. Pictures: Max Mason-Hubers

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