New trailer for Grand Theft Auto V

The new GTA V trailer give insight into the u;coming game’s three playable protagonists.After months of near-silence, Rockstar has released a new Grand Theft Auto V trailer, and it’s packed with the kind of details that are guaranteed to get long-term fans excited.

We don’t normally cover game trailers here on Screen Play, but GTA is a special case. Love it or hate it, every new GTA release is a major event, and when notoriously tight-lipped Rockstar finally releases a pile of new game information in the form of a new trailer, people take notice. The new trailer has coincided with a suite of interviews and previews in Game Informer magazine.

The first thing I took note of in the trailer was the humour. While GTA IV had its share of laughs, it was criticised by many for being too grim and bleak. Niko was just too serious for many fans of the series, and his tale of loss and redemption was regarded as too heavy-handed. The good news is that this new trailer is laugh-out-loud funny, and seems to have a lighter touch.

We finally get our first really good look at GTA V’s three playable characters. Inspired by the success of the interconnecting stories in GTA IV and its two DLC episodes, Rockstar decided to build that feature right into the base game, with their stories interconnecting, and the three of them sometimes going on missions together.

The trailer gives us peeks at these three men. Michael is an aging former bank robber, dissatisfied with his life, and finally running out of money. His old friend Trevor never left the life of crime, and is a violent drug-addicted career criminal, running drugs and guns. Franklin is a young, ambitious black man, who gets involved with Michael and Trevor in an effort to improve his position.

I was hoping that we might finally get a playable female character in a GTA game, but it’s not happening this time.

We also get a look at the gigantic world of Los Santos. Rockstar has said that the game area is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV combined, and a wide variety of terrain is visible in the trailer – LA-like urban areas, lush suburbs, arid highways, and scorched deserts. Those who complained about GTA IV’s lack of planes will be pleased to see a fighter jet make an appearance.

The game also looks stunning. I always felt that GTA IV looked somewhat primitive, with characters and animation that were never quite as good as the quality of the scripts and voice acting. The new world isn’t just huge, but also looks great, and promises to be the most realist-looking GTA setting.

Apart from these revelations, the trailer is packed with the expected gunfights, chases, crime, sportscars, brawls, and explosions. You can watch the trailer below, or if that doesn’t work in your browser you can watch it on the Rockstar site here.

– James “DexX” Dominguez

DexX is on Twitter: @jamesjdominguez

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